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Welcome to 2014! {Updates and News}

Good morning everyone and welcome to 2014! I’m still stumbling over what to say in this posting. The final month of 2013 was a bittersweet, rough month to have lived through. As most of you know, I began what promised to be a wonderful blog series on preserving the magic of Christmas for my two beautiful daughters. Almost as soon as I began the series, I miscarried a baby. This wasn’t my first miscarriage, but it was still a loss and it hurts very much. My comfort is in knowing that this child was born into heaven and is now worshipping at the feet of our Lord and Savior.

Right after the miscarriage, I got sick with RSV. My husband followed suit and thenĀ  my children. Just when I thought everyone was healing, I got sick with Influenza A. Two days before Christmas, I had to go to the E.R. because I was seriously dehydrated and had an intensely high fever. Sometime around 1 am on Christmas Eve, my fever finally broke after reaching an excruciating 105* F. I am just now feeling like myself again, an entire month after all this illness began.

December wasn’t all terrible though. On December 29th, Anthony and I reconnected with some of his family members that we hadn’t seen since our wedding on May 6, 2006. It was a reunion long overdue! We celebrated the love of family, of surviving life in the military and Anthony’s uncle Bill’s birthday. It was wonderful. We were also able to clear the air on some issues that had been clogging up our communication and making it difficult to love and understand one another. God truly blessed that reunion.


Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I was able to move around and enjoy the entire day with my kids. It was a sunny, warm day here in Oregon, so we went to the beach and I annoyed my girls by following them around with a camera. I can’t help it! They are just so sweet and beautiful!


Today, it looks like it might finally rain and I am so glad. Our weather has been far too warm and dry for this time of year. I’m used to wild, windy storms here in Oregon. 80 mph winds, pouring rain, thunder and lightning – where are you?

Next week is going to be incredibly exciting. Our youngest daughter, Chelsea will be baptized into the Body of Christ. If you’d like to cover her in prayer, the service is at 10 am PST. We’d certainly appreciate it! She is a very excited little girl. Theresa doesn’t remember her baptism, so this will be a wonderful time for her to see what it’s all about. Anthony has time off from work, too! This is a rare event for him, since he’s been working every Sunday for the last several months since starting on at the County Jail as a correction’s officer.

Speaking of Anthony and the jail…he’s going to be starting Police Academy soon, too. We are really excited for him! I know he will excel in every area. He graduated at the top of his class in both Navy boot camp and Navy A-School, and he went to the toughest A-School in the Navy (BECC)! He’s also amazing with a gun, and has a huge heart. It certainly helps that he loves his job and that our Sheriff is an easy man to work for because he is such a wonderful, hardworking person.

As for me, after all that illness, I’ve found myself needing to restart at Walden U. I couldn’t keep up with my studies during that month of illness. I’m one determined lady, though! I’m getting right back on that horse.

Anthony and I have also made a joint resolution to get our finances in order this year. We’ve rarely been in the same place for an extended period of time, so our finances have always been a mess. Now that we’ve had some time to heal from all the turmoil of military life and settle into routines, we’re ready to tackle such things as budgets, debt snowballs, and a savings account. (I know, I know…it’s terrible that we’ve never consistently kept one up!) But I believe God will bless our finances this year and that we will both get on the right track where we belong.

So how about you? How did 2013 end for you? How did 2014 begin? Please share any resolutions or goals that you have made for this year, in the comments section below. I wish you a happy, healthy 2014!