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Both girls yelling in RV doorway

When God Asks YouTo Do Something Incredibly Brave {Part 2}

Hopefully by now, you’ve read part 1 and know that we’re in the process of moving our family of five plus one dog into an RV to live in full-time. I have a little update for you – we’ve purchased the RV and are in the process of fixing it up as we clean out our rental house. This weekend, we’ll be selling just about everything we own and packing the rest into our little tiny house. We will be moving into it full-time in about ten days or less!

Our RV is a late 80’s model with only 53,000 miles on it. “Georgie Boy” has had just one owner in his lifetime. (Yes, I name all our vehicles). He’s been well kept. We paid far less than $10,000 for our new home and are hoping it was a good investment. We’ll see!

Both girls yelling in RV doorway
Welcome to our new home!

We are painting the cabinets white, the walls a light yellow and will recover all of the fabrics. The carpet is pretty new, so we’ll steam clean what little of that there is.

Girls and beds
Chelsea is pointing to what will be her bed – the pull out couch. Theresa is pointing to her bed, a pull down bunk.

We will be putting the curtains back up soon. I pulled them out to wash them. They’re a warm sandy color and we’ll be keeping them for now. I will likely tie dye them this coming spring because I hail from a hippy and it got into my blood. 😉

RV kitchen
This is the sum of my new kitchen. What adventures will we cook up in here?

We do plan to paint the counter tops and make them look like faux granite counter tops. Also, not shown is the refrigerator/freezer. We will be painting the outsides in chalkboard paint to create a fun family message center. Because I need all three kids underfoot when I cook on that tiny three burner stove. I really do. 😉

Tiny bathroom
Five people, one bathroom. Madness. Or as Chelsea put it – “Poopin’ on a plane”

I’m not real keen on the towel racks either and will eventually be replacing those with something more fun and whimsical. Stay tuned for that!

View front to back
View from living room/girls sleeping space to kitchen, bathroom and “master bedroom” area

That kitchen faucet has totally got to go! Anthony has his eye on one, so we’ll save up to replace it.

Chelsea wave
See you soon with more updates! 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates! There’s a lot happening!

Peace Be the Journey,

Mandy ❤

As My LEO Walks Out the Door {Thought Progressions}

As my husband gets ready to walk out the door for another day of work, my mind is reeling. Every day he works, fear gets to me. The Bible states multiple times not to fear, but I do.

My husband works in law enforcement. As he puts on his uniform, I notice how handsome he looks. I’m filled with pride and admiration. He faces the evil that so many pretend doesn’t exist. He hears stories of heartache and heartbreak that go far beyond what most of us are privy to. He is subject to vile sights and sounds and is often misunderstood as he tries to help. Many of the people he deals with are mentally ill or under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I wonder if he’ll be safe today as he straightens his collar and looks at himself in the mirror.

He’s so handsome. I want to pull him to me to embrace him, but he’s busy and I’m lost in thought. Who and what will he encounter today? I want to tell him to be safe, but I don’t want him to know I’m already worried. LEO wives are supposed to be strong. I can do this! I can be strong.

I go ahead and kiss him, hoping that the strength will come from him. It doesn’t, but I’m reassured that he still deeply loves me.

A few moments later, he’s putting on his belt. I notice the handcuffs, taser…tools that he needs for work to do his job and I’m struck with gratitude. It’s men like him that keep people like me safe. It’s men like him that arrested both my fathers when they broke the law. And then it hits me. I’m caught in Holy gratitude. I see what You did there, God. You gave me a husband who protects to heal the wounds from fathers and a mother who hurt me. I pause and pray. “Thank You, Jesus.”

I wonder how many other LEO wives feel this and have similar stories? Am I alone? Am I the only one married to a protector, having previously been broken?

He’s putting on his socks now and I see the scars on his feet from falling down ladder wells while in the Navy. I hate seeing scars. It means he’s been hurt and oh no…Here comes the fear again. I push it down as he looks at me, a question poised on his lips. “Why are you looking at me like that?” he asks. I don’t want to respond. I’ve just read another news article about yet another cop being shot and killed while sitting in his car during lunch and another one about a Corrections Officer being strangled by an inmate. I don’t want him to know what I know because then it might become our reality. I consider my words, then choose the lie. “I’m wondering what to make for dinner tonight.” I respond.

He stands to grab the keys, his wallet and water bottle and I stand to give him one last hug. I notice his badge and I’m filled again with pride. This man is my husband and I am so proud of him. He kisses me goodbye and I’m only thinking how much I love him and how lucky our kids and I am to have him in our lives.

As he walks out the door, I’m headed to the bedroom to breastfeed our little guy and the fear hits me again. What if he doesn’t come home? What if he gets hurt? I hear the car start up and it’s all I can do to pray. I pray for his protection and my peace of mind.

Moments later, our son is back to sleep and I’m distracting myself with housework. I look at the clock. Eight more hours and I’ll get to see him again. I can do this.

*These aren’t my thoughts everyday, but they were my thoughts recently and I wanted to share them with all of you. There are so many evil people on social media and throughout the news portraying Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) and Corrections Officers as the enemy. Almost all of them are good and just want to serve and protect. My husband is one of them. And I felt it was important to humanize the other half of the equation – the wife. We’re not bad people either, and we have just as many feelings and emotions as those screaming out in hate. 

When God Asks You to Do Something Incredibly Brave {Part 1}

When God asks you to do something incredibly brave, do you listen? Do you laugh? Do you think  that God is crazy? Do you obey? Completely obey?

God has asked my husband and I to sell virtually everything we own and move into an RV in three weeks’ time. Truth be told, I believe He’s been asking us for some time, but we just weren’t listening. We’re a family of five with a small dog, living in a high crime area. My husband works for the government. Why on earth would we want to move into an RV? And we love stuff. Why give it all up?

Well, crazy as it sounds – because God asked us to.

Are you familiar with the story of Sarah, Abraham’s wife laughing at God’s message to her? God sent an incredible calling of Motherhood to Sarah in her old age. It seemed completely impossible. Sarah simply could not believe it. There was no earthly way that could happen, right?

God made it happen. Not in Sarah’s own strength, nor in Abraham’s, but God did make it happen. Enter Isaac. The whole world around them was amazed, but God was not. He knew all along that in Sarah and Abraham’s weakness, His Power and Glory would shine.

When God asks you to do big, incredible things that seem impossible, do you scoff at Him? Do you drag your feet and wonder how this could be so? Do you obey?

God is asking us to obey. I’ve seen Him perform great miracles and bring us out of oppression, danger, child abuse, near homelessness, job loss, hunger, sickness, extreme fear and anxiety, loneliness, marital problems… He will make this happen, too. I can drag my feet, kicking and screaming, or I can joyfully proclaim His name Holy and praise Him as I obey. I choose the latter.

God is good all the time. All the time, God is good. 

At the end of the day, I just really want to hear God say “Truly I tell you, I have not found anyone {in Israel} with such great faith…” I know He will do this. And I know it will be good.

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Peace be the journey,

Mandy 😉