Monthly Archives: August 2012

To Do: (Creative Kids) Fairy Garden


Get yourself a big flower pot, suitable for indoor use. Check out the end of season sales on small flowers and pick up some doll furniture at your local dollar store. Put them all together and what have you got? Fairytopia! Ours cost about $7 including the soil, flowers and furniture from our local Dollar Tree. I alreadu had the pot. My two little girls absolutely love their fairy garden and are constantly on the lookout for Tinkerbell’s arrival. (Nope, not yet folks, but we’ll let you know when it happens!) 😉


The finality of the last few days of military life is hitting me and I truly wish I could say I am sad to see it go, but I am not. I am a selfish woman and I am glad my husband will soon be home for good.

As I struggle through these last days, desire, pride and anger ripping at my heart, threatening (but not succeeding) to rip me from God’s tender care, I sit and weep and pray and hope. I hope in Christ and I hope for healing. It has been a long six years and while I am (foolishly) too proud to go back and repair bridges with people, I am not too proud to admit we are leaving military life broken-hearted and sorrowful over the state of our country and it’s politics, including the scattered and backwards way of “progressive thinking” that the military has employed over the past few years. To the Christian families who remain in service to this country and maintain their faith amidst back to back deployments, harassment, abuse and denied benefits, we salute you and keep you in our prayers.

Almost there…. Almost done. Praise God!