Ten Years?!

Anthony and I are almost there! We’ve almost made it to our ten year wedding anniversary! I am so excited! We are planning a day trip to the town we went to for our honeymoon. Our kids will be joining us for the adventure and they’re pretty excited, too.

We were just discussing all we’ve been through over the last ten years. Many of you probably don’t know this but…we’re currently homeless. We’ve been homeless for seven very long months. We’re hopeful a home will open up soon and in the mean time, we’re trusting God to provide for our needs. So far, He’s provided temporary shelter and unemployment benefits. Yes. He’s looking for work, too. He lost his job three months ago. It’s been a very, very tough ten years, but they’ve also been beautiful.

Anthony and I have grown so much, maturing in our faith and settling into  our stubborn personalities. We’ve learned to work together for the greater good of our family and we’ve fought sin together by staying up late, praying for help, on our knees.

By no means are we the “ideal couple” and obviously we’ve made our fair share of mistakes, but we have been redeemed by a Holy, powerful God. We’ve turned to Him, accepted Him as the Savior of our souls and our marriage. In turn, He’s worked incredible miracles in us and through us. It’s exciting to look back and see God’s hand in our marriage. There were so many times we (foolishly) wanted to throw away our marriage, but God said NO! And here we are…about to celebrate ten hard fought years. Praise God!

Whatever you’re going through in your marriage, you’re going to make it. Even if you don’t feel you can commit to your spouse, commit to the marriage and what it represents. You’re two who have become one. You’re a physical representation to your spouse that they’re never alone and they are the same to you. Cherish that. Protect that. You don’t want to fall alone.

A Navy chaplain once told me that even when I don’t love Anthony, I can still care for him. I can cook him dinner or wash his underwear. I can care for his physical needs and through that act, the love will return. When my hormones are raging or I’m exhausted or angry with him, I remember that. I remind myself to care for him and sure enough – the love does come back.

How about y’all? How long have you been married? What has God done in your marriage? Tell us! We love to hear about His mercies and miracles. And remember – no matter what you’re going through, God is there. Trust Him!

❤ Mandy 


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