Get the Word Out

I had the opportunity – and took it – to pray for a troubled teen tonight. I’d never met this kid before and I don’t know his whole story, but I do know his entire demeanor changed dramatically following the prayer. He had no idea I’d prayed for him but I know. I know somehow God spoke to him.

I’ve been on a mission lately to privately pray for people and watch to see what happens. It’s amazing. Some people become increasingly hostile. They’re not interested in anything God’s doing. Other people change almost instantly – they’re subdued, quiet, thoughtful.

I wrote some scripture on my van windows about two months ago. I wanted to see how people would react to it. Most vehicles cut off mini vans. I wondered how or if that might change if other drivers perceived there’s a bunch of Christians inside. I figured I’d be made fun of more than anything. I really wasn’t prepared for the responses I received. On the first weekend, I was approached by at least five people thanking me for the message of hope. By the end of the following week, it was at least a dozen more folks. The following week I changed the message, adding more scripture. As I was driving, people honked, gave thumbs up. One lady honked at me as we drove down main street. I turned to see who’d honked and I burst into tears. She had a series of oxygen tubes and looked like she was battling cancer. She needed hope and she received it from the message on my windows. I hope she kicks cancer’s butt.

I have had one negative reaction. One person wrote me a note telling me they liked my message but I needed to speak to people directly. Seeing the message alone doesn’t save anyone, they stated. I tend to agree. That’s why I do talk to people, but there’s no way a stranger who leaves anonymous notes could ever know that.

It’s been interesting to see the outcome of these experiments. The world needs Grace and quite frankly, the outcome of privately spreading the Word isn’t that different than publicly doing it. People are still affected, still changed. The pace is different, sure. God gets full glory in secret. That’s always a great thing. Bottom line- just get out there and spread the Word. Pray for people. Stop judging folks and just commit to praying for them. You don’t know their story and you can’t see their battle, but God sees and God knows. He’ll sort it all out. Just trust Him and commit to praying for each person you meet. Even if you don’t see a change in them, God is changing YOU.

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