RV Life – Week Seven {Debt Free Journey}

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll share this photo and end the blog here.

Leaking Ceiling Panel
The leak that will not end and might not be able to be fixed…

Ok. That wasn’t really the end of the blog, but you get the idea of where I’m going here, I suppose. We have a big, bad leak in our motorhome and we’ve not been able to actually live there for about 4 nights now. We’ve been staying with some friends because the RV leaks, has massive amounts of mold and there are now mushrooms growing inside and outside the RV.

How did this all happen? Well, the dealership sold us a lemon. We have talked with our insurance agency and they’ve taken photos and are pursuing the dealership for retribution. I’m not entirely sure what will happen, but I’m hoping we’ll find out sometime this week. Until then, we’re just praying mightily.

Rustic Snowflake Ornament

I got this little beauty in the mail this week, the day we found the leak in the RV. It was a welcome find! I’m part of an international Christmas ornament exchange and this was sent to me from a family in Utah.

Photo Credit: Karla Halleib
Photo Credit: Karla Halleib
Photo Credit: Karla Halleib

We spent some time with my Mother-in-law today. It was a welcome distraction from our lack of permanent housing. The girls wanted to show grandma our local library. Chelsea really enjoys dressing up and dancing around, Theresa enjoys the computer and Jackson loves spreading out on the carpet and playing with toys. It was a fun time had by all!

Also notable today is that the Kansas City Chiefs handed Peyton Manning’s behind to him on Denver territory! That was a sweet, sweet victory! I love me some Chief’s football and the Denver Donkeys needed to be put in their place. I am loving the turn that the Chief’s season is taking. Their win in London two weeks ago to the Detroit Kittens is just amazing! 45-10 Chiefs! What a sweet, sweet sound that is to my ears.

While all of this is going on, I received a letter from my gynecologist stating that I need to go back in for more testing to check my cervical cancer levels. I’ve known about this for some time, but I haven’t wanted to deal with it. Frankly, I want a second opinion, so I’ll be seeking one soon. This is not something I’d planned on sharing originally, but I really need to force myself to deal with this. I’ve been putting it off for months now. My gynecologist isn’t happy with me and I know he’s got better things to do with his time than to bother me over non-issues. I’m sure it’ll all shake out just fine in the end, though. Jesus has got this under control.

My husband’s work issues are all coming to a conclusion, slowly but surely. God will work all of that out, too.

This has been such a weird, intense week. We’ve received a lot of blessings through it all and had many occasions to draw nearer to God, which is never a bad thing. I just don’t really know how to sum it all up except to say that “We walk by faith and not by sight.” I feel as though we’re walking somewhat blindly and it’s been tempting to worry, yet at the same time, we’ve already chosen Whom we will serve and we can rest in the fact that God knows what He is doing.

How was your week? What was the most dramatic thing that happened to you this week? Do you root for any NFL teams? If so, who? How did they do this week? (If you’re a Bronco’s fan, I apologize. Kind of. Peyton Manning should’ve been benched last season  😉 ) Let me know in the comments below.

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