RV Life – Week Five {Debt-Free Journey}

This has been a really, really good week! God is hard at work in our lives, drawing my husband and I closer to each other. We’ve had countless opportunities to pray for one another, to support each other in our challenges, career and hobbies and we’ve been working hard in marriage counseling to improve our communication skills. It’s been amazing to wake up each day knowing we’re walking by faith, not by sight. As we wait upon the Lord to work some things out, He’s just blessing us left, right, top and bottom. 🙂 God is so good and He’s deserving of all of our praise.

   I’m sorry that this posting is late this week. My husband was blessed with Sunday off so he could attend church with our children and me. It was also communion Sunday and I was so caught up with enjoying my family that I didn’t even remember to post on here! It was a great day. I really love worshipping with my husband in church.

Speaking of worship, my husband and I took a drive after marriage counseling last week. We decided we’d learn one new street a week in our new town. It was a lot of fun and we spent most of the time praising God for His beautiful creations – marriage, sex,  the autumn foliage, flowers, cute children, and animals to name a few. The Lord is increasingly on our minds and lips lately. I’m grateful we’re growing closer to Him. God is redeeming the years the locusts have eaten. I just can’t thank Him enough. He’s used some great people and some interesting tools to accomplish His work.

Both girls are doing well in school. I’m grateful for Theresa’s teacher. Her teacher is a Christian and openly communicates with me about Theresa’s strengths and weaknesses. That’s such a blessing!

Anthony and I are still downsizing. We cleared a car load of items out of our RV and we’ll be selling them this coming spring most likely. For now, they’re stored off site. It’s freeing to know we each own about 100-150 items and can easily get rid of more. (I’m including shoes, clothing, accessories, toys, personalized stationary, sports/recreation items, hobby items and work uniform items in this count.) We’re all finding “more” hours in our day and have been using them to walk to the pond near our home to watch the ducks, take drives around the area, sit and chat, read our Bible, attend women’s groups, volunteer at our kid’s school – all things we’d never made time for before but suddenly can’t imagine living without. There is really something amazing and freeing about living with less! I can’t wait to pare down even further.

He fell asleep on our walk back from the duck pond. His hat shifted on his head and the sight of him sleeping like this was just too precious not to capture.

Halloween was a rainy affair. The day started out drizzling and erupted into a full blown rain and wind storm by night’s end. Fortunately, the kids finished trick or treating by then. Theresa dressed up as my husband’s Corporal, L. Rupe.  Corporal Rupe has been Theresa’s hero for the past two years. She says it’s because Rupe is a “pretty lady cop who bosses Daddy at work” and because “she isn’t afraid of bad guys.” Theresa wore her daddy’s ball cap from work along with a pink Super Girl cape because Corporal Rupe is Super Girl to her. I was really proud of Theresa’s choice. Corporal Rupe is an awesome example of a fine law enforcement officer.


The kids are growing so fast and time is so precious. As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, I’m reminded of the gifts God’s bestowed upon us and I’m heaping praise upon Him. I can’t say it enough – God is good

Jackson's new pajamas - fit for a king!
Jackson’s new pajamas – fit for a king!

What is the Lord doing in your life? How is He blessing you? Please share it in the comments below. Let me know if you’d like me to pray for you. God bless you!

In Christ,

Mandy ❤

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