RV Life – Week Four (Debt-Free Journey)

God is finishing good works that He’s begun in me! This has been a very challenging week in our RV. I’ll share a little bit with you from last night and this morning in an early update on RV Life Week Four! 🙂

I’d fallen asleep early last night and had been awoken by my husband as he told me we’d suddenly run out of propane. Our gauge somehow failed us and it had been stuck for weeks, suddenly dropping as it hit empty late last night.  Our heater (along with our stove and oven) works on propane, so we did not have heat last night. It gets very cold on the Oregon coast and I have a rare allergy to cold. When I become too cold for an extended period of time, my heart stops and I will die. I’ve nearly died on two different occasions from becoming too cold (as a teenager and as a young adult) so you can imagine how worried we were.

I did not see a way for us to fill up on propane in a timely manner and I was very scared. I didn’t believe God would really make this happen for us before my husband needed to arrive at work and I knew that if it didn’t happen before work, it would need to happen after. That would mean no heat, no stove, no oven all day. All three kids were home with me and it was a very, very cold day.

We prayed about it and I wanted to react out of fear, but I felt God’s call to listen to my husband. I prayed that God would give my husband wisdom and cause him to speak immediately. I would follow Anthony’s plan. I asked God to calm my fears and give me faith to trust him. Anthony kept asking me for my input, but I would not speak. I needed God to show His strength to me. My husband decided to make it all come together in the morning when we woke up because the gas station would be open then. I didn’t care for that decision, but I wanted to trust God. I replied only with “OK” which drove my husband nuts. He wanted to please me. I wanted to trust God.

Morning came and it was even colder than we’d anticipated. My husband had us ready to go in less than an hour – an amazing feat in a cluttered RV. I was able to stay in bed with Jackson, wrapped in blankets to stay warm until it was time to move.  We were there and back in about twenty minutes time! Anthony had time to park the RV, hook everything back up, get dressed for work, assist me with a couple of small tasks and still make it to work on time!

My faith was strengthened by this miracle! For me, it was absolutely a miracle because everything seemed stacked against us. I am glad that no one helped us because it really showed me how strong God is and how much He works through my husband to make me trust both him and God. (I still struggle in my marriage too, so please pray for us!)

Then, to add to our blessings today – I prayed for my husband to be blessed at work and he was abundantly blessed multiple times in the way I had specifically prayed for him! His boss caught him hard at work in a very challenging situation. His boss is not generally making rounds during this time, so I know that it was God that caused him to be there at that time. God went above and beyond what I’d asked Him to do. I even received a blessing, as did my children when we went to pick up my husband from work this afternoon. I was able to hear the appreciation regarding my husband’s hard work from his boss as he greeted my kids and I on his way out to his vehicle. I’m so proud of my husband and it made me glad to know his boss is also proud.

God cares about us. He pays attention to small details. He knows our hearts and sees the areas where we need to grow. He knows how to amaze us and knock our socks off. 🙂

This week has been hard. Very hard. It has also been full of blessings. Every night Anthony and I have been reading through a one year Bible study plan. That has brought me so much joy. I’ve also spent a lot of time in prayer for others and myself in addition to studying the Word of God solo. I’m by no means perfect, nor am I spending enough time doing these things, but they have blessed me and given me strength when otherwise I wouldn’t have had it.

In Christ, I can do all things for He strengthens me. This is both scripture (Philippians 4:13) and personal testimony.


God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.

In Christ,

Mandy ❤

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