Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (In Two Months)

For me, Christmas is year long. I’m always thinking about it, always excited about it. I love Santa because to me, he represents generosity, joy and childhood. I’m reminded to give generously to fellow man, remain joyful knowing there’s better things coming (Heaven) and to have fun and come to Jesus as a little child.

I also love researching Lapland and watching Finish YouTube videos of the Lapland Santa. It’s fun, especially since half of my family has roots in Finland and surrounding areas.

As the calendar season of Christmas approaches, I’m especially excited to share my Finish finds with others. My kids are just amazed by Joulupukki (Santa in Finnish) and his reindeer. I love seeing their faces light up as they explore other cultures.

I had no idea until about three years ago that Santa wasn’t always a universally known character. Finland actually has a Christmas goat that scares naughty children. Other countries have a witch, elves, a naughty reindeer, etc. We’ve been researching other customs and beliefs for a few years now and it’s opened my kids up to new ideas. Take some time this year to research your family tree a bit and develop some fun new activities to do during the holidays. Who knows – you might rekindle old family traditions!  I know my kids would love to hang an upside down tree this year if we had the space. 😉

Speaking of small spaces, I’m excited to sit back and let Santa and grandma give the kids presents this year. Anthony and I have chosen to invest in experiences for the kids, rather than gifts. We’ll still gift wrap some things, such as books to read together, sandwiches when we picnic (because what kid wouldn’t find it hilarious to unwrap their lunch on a picnic?) and small items they need to enjoy the season, such as gloves, a scarf, ear muffs, etc. Christmas isn’t about the one day we sit around unwrapping clutter near a brightly lit tree – for us, it’s about coming together as a family, enjoying the life that a very special little baby afforded us by His sacrifice upon the end of His adult ministry. How better to spread that message than to come out of our overpriced cave, into the world and joyfully proclaim it?!

I can hardly wait for Christmas! How about you? There are just over 2 months until Christmas Day. How will you celebrate? What memories are you excited to create?

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