When God Asks You to Do Something Incredibly Brave {Part 1}

When God asks you to do something incredibly brave, do you listen? Do you laugh? Do you think  that God is crazy? Do you obey? Completely obey?

God has asked my husband and I to sell virtually everything we own and move into an RV in three weeks’ time. Truth be told, I believe He’s been asking us for some time, but we just weren’t listening. We’re a family of five with a small dog, living in a high crime area. My husband works for the government. Why on earth would we want to move into an RV? And we love stuff. Why give it all up?

Well, crazy as it sounds – because God asked us to.

Are you familiar with the story of Sarah, Abraham’s wife laughing at God’s message to her? God sent an incredible calling of Motherhood to Sarah in her old age. It seemed completely impossible. Sarah simply could not believe it. There was no earthly way that could happen, right?

God made it happen. Not in Sarah’s own strength, nor in Abraham’s, but God did make it happen. Enter Isaac. The whole world around them was amazed, but God was not. He knew all along that in Sarah and Abraham’s weakness, His Power and Glory would shine.

When God asks you to do big, incredible things that seem impossible, do you scoff at Him? Do you drag your feet and wonder how this could be so? Do you obey?

God is asking us to obey. I’ve seen Him perform great miracles and bring us out of oppression, danger, child abuse, near homelessness, job loss, hunger, sickness, extreme fear and anxiety, loneliness, marital problems… He will make this happen, too. I can drag my feet, kicking and screaming, or I can joyfully proclaim His name Holy and praise Him as I obey. I choose the latter.

God is good all the time. All the time, God is good. 

At the end of the day, I just really want to hear God say “Truly I tell you, I have not found anyone {in Israel} with such great faith…” I know He will do this. And I know it will be good.

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Peace be the journey,

Mandy 😉

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