27 Weeks Pregnant {Life Update}

There are only 13 weeks left in this pregnancy, give or take. I am so excited! My third trimester started officially today. I can honestly say that I do feel 7 months pregnant. My stomach feels stretched and full even when my tummy is rumbling and I’m hungry. I can’t see my feet and it’s a real challenge to get up and down the stairs in my home.

Jackson is moving and grooving a lot these days. I can feel him throughout most of the day and the night. Even when this kid sleeps, he’s moving around! Anthony’s so excited every time I point out movements. The kids are both enthralled by the bumps and rolls from him, too. They love to shout at my belly and say funny things to their little brother. I think they’re both ready for him to come out so they can meet him. Seven months is a long time to wait to meet someone, and they still have a few more months to go.

Yesterday I had my final check-up of my second trimester. My Mom and Anthony were both able to be there with me. We heard Jackson’s heartbeat and waited nearly 40 minutes for my eight minute appointment with my OB/GYN. But that’s good news, I suppose. Tomorrow I get the “honor” of going in early to have the dreaded glucose test. Blech! Ladies, I’m sure you can relate to my gagging sounds. That glucose drink is just terrible! I wish my OB would find another way to test for gestational diabetes. I hear some doctors let you eat pancakes for breakfast or eat jelly beans instead of drinking that concoction. I wish I could do that as well.

Something I’ve not yet shared with you is that we’re needing to move to a new location, same town. Our landlord has it in her mind that we’re unhappy in our current home, so she’s illegally evicted us, giving us 30 days to move out. I’m not happy about this, especially at this stage in my pregnancy, but both Anthony and I have been praying about whether or not we need a new landlord anyway, since this one never likes to fix anything (even bug infestations inside the home), and we both feel God’s been calling us elsewhere for some time. We found a house with a great outdoor space in a safe neighborhood about six miles from where we’re currently living, so we’re going to pursue that. Hopefully, everything works out and we’re able to begin moving as soon as next week. Right now we’re in the packing stage. Yesterday we got 13 boxes packed before we fell into bed exhausted.

Sunday school is going very well, though the year is almost over, unfortunately. This year we’re needing to end the class a bit early due to my pregnancy. Easter Sunday will be our very last class until after the Sierra Service Project leaves. We just finally got the room painted and pictures on the walls. Last night and today I printed up legal forms for registration, sign-in and sign-out and some rules for the classroom I plan to hang on the bulletin board. I’ll update this post with pictures next week. I plan to take some photos after class on Sunday. I’m really proud of how the room turned out!

Today is a beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest. All I’ve wanted to do all day is to be outside, soaking up some sunshine. Instead I’ve been inside taking care of all the menial, tedious little tasks that my family hates to be bothered with – dishes, shredding old legal documents, packing up organizing supplies and excess clothes, sorting items for the Goodwill and taking a nap. Ok, I haven’t actually been able to nap yet, but I’m hoping to! 🙂 I forgot how exhausted pregnancy makes me.

I’m working on a post about something personal, but it’s slow going. I know what I need to say,but am reluctant to actually put it in writing. I’ve seen the comments section of far too many blogs lately and let’s just say it’s a scary thing to put oneself out there sometimes!

I hope it’s a beautiful day wherever you are right now. If you have a ton of snow, can you send some my way? I’ll add some raspberry flavoring and enjoy it in a cone. 🙂

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