Bedtime Magic

Normally, Anthony is home at night to put the kids to bed, but last night his schedule changed and the bedtime routine was all mine. I posted on Facebook recently that my two favorite times of day are the morning walks to the girls’ school and bedtime. Both are times when Anthony and I are able to make a big impact on the girls in a small amount of time as both girls are eagerly receptive to what we have to say. (I’ll write a separate post about the morning walks soon!)

Anyway, back to bedtime. Last night as I was putting the kids to bed, I noticed a small toy train car under Theresa’s pillow. In the train car were two coins – a quarter and a penny. I asked her what that was all about and she told me that the coins were for the Tooth Fairy to give to other kids and the train car is a bed for the Tooth Fairy. She went on to tell me that her bedroom was open just a little bit so that the Tooth Fairy could get into her room. My Mama heart was swollen with love over this sweet gesture. I plan on writing this story down and putting the coins and the toy train car in a little box and putting it away until she’s older, then I’ll give it to her to open and rediscover the magic of her childhood and our special bedtime moments. This was just too cute and sweet not to share. I wonder what bedtime magic we’ll encounter tonight?

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