Ten Lessons I’ve Learned the Hard Way

Ten lessons I’ve learned the hard way about being a wife and mother:

1. Always put your best foot forward. It may be extremely difficult to do at times, but you will never regret the outcome, especially when your attitude and behaviors are being reflected in your spouse’s and children’s attitudes and behaviors.

2. Bedtime stories are sacred. Never miss one if you can help it.

3. You’re not a partner with your spouse. You are ONE. Whatever you do, good or bad, deeply affects your spouse.

4. God has to come first all the time or you will never be able to give your family the kind of love and attention they need from you.

5. One major commitment a month. Nothing more.

6. Never say anything in front of your kids you don’t want repeated.

7. Marriage and parenting does come with an instruction manual. It’s called the Holy Bible. If you don’t understand, call tech support. You can do this most effectively by getting down upon your knees and quietly talking with God.

8. Keep it simple. The more complicated, the harder it is to store in the memory bank.

9. The greatest gift is the gift of a legacy of kindness and love. Never let your spouse or kids wonder if you love them. Show them daily.

10. Every moment you’re alive is a chance from God to make different choices, turn from sin and give Him your struggles, worries and cares. It’s never too late to fix what is broken.

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