Old Wives’ Tales and Other Pregnancy Updates

Tomorrow I will hit my 13 week mark in this pregnancy. It’s kind of surreal, since my last two pregnancies ended before the second month, and the one before those ended at 6 weeks. (We didn’t discover it until I was 12 weeks along – just two days before Christmas 2010. I had a D&C on New Year’s Eve.)  I’ve been holding my breath this entire pregnancy, posting happy updates online, but in reality, reluctant to bond fully with baby. It’s just too painful to consider yet another loss. Here we are though, on the cusp of week 13 and I find myself desperately wanting to celebrate and to breathe deeply. If not for my sanity alone, then for the sake of this beautiful life growing inside of me.

About a month ago, Anthony and I went to the hospital for my eight week ultrasound and I was surprised by my reaction. I hesitate to share this, but I want to be relatable to anyone else who may have experienced similar feelings – I saw the baby on the sonogram machine and cried. I was shocked that it was still alive, and completely amazed to see a tiny heart steadily beating!  I could accept that it had died. That was easy, but to see life on the screen? Unexpected! This is my seventh pregnancy and this will be my third baby.

8 week sonogram

As far as feeling those precious little baby kicks – I have been feeling them for a little over a week now. It’s been amazing and has made this pregnancy feel even more real. It’s been a huge blessing and has really caused me to face the fact that I need to begin bonding with baby Jackson/Roosevelt. The girls are both anxiously awaiting the time when they’ll be able to feel baby kicking, too.

Yesterday I was on Pinterest, looking up some of the fun gender prediction tests that I could do at home. I’ve seen several on YouTube and most have carried mixed results. The one I was most interested in was the baking soda test. My test result looked very similar to the one pictured! I’d never seen baking soda fizz and bubble that much before and it was loud! I used first morning urine (at 3:45 am) this morning. Yes, baby #3 has me on a strange schedule.

One of the really neat ideas I saw on Pinterest is to track the results of the gender prediction tests and post them at the baby shower. I modified this a bit because I have a small photo album for each of my kids and I wanted to place this inside of Jackson/Roosevelt’s album. So, without further ado, here’s the chart I made:

Gender Prediction Chart

I found the Chinese Calendar on Baby Center.com I conceived on September 7th and I’m 31. So, boy. You can see that so far 3/4 of the tests predict a little mister. Anthony is pretty pleased with himself. He’s hoping for a boy and I’ve been praying for more than two years for a son for him. We will officially find out via ultrasound sometime in mid January and I’ll be more than happy to update you all on that.

So what about you? What gender prediction tests have you heard of? Which ones have you tried? Which ones would you be interested in learning more about or seeing me try? Let me know in the comments below.

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