Plans For Good and Not For Ruin

We have had a rough week here in the Tirado household. First, our youngest daughter tripped over a toy train at the public library on Saturday and fell directly on her elbow, breaking her left arm. Four days later, Theresa, our eldest daughter fell on her right arm while at school on the playground and broke that in two places. She is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to reset the bones.

We’d planned out Theresa’s seventh birthday party a few weeks ago and sent out invitations to 30+ people, only to find out that the community park we’d planned to host it at will be closed during that time. We’re on a massive time and money constriction, so the party’s up in the air right now.

Today, I came down with something akin to the flu and it’s only gotten worse. My husband was scheduled to work tonight, but needed to call in a favor so he could stay home with me and our girls. I can’t stand or sit without the room spinning. (Which makes typing this up all the more interesting!)

The cherry on the cake is that our car won’t start because the alternator went out about an hour ago. My husband can’t get to work at all until it’s fixed. Thank God I restocked our refrigerator this morning before the car went out! We live within walking distance of our kids’ school, so that’s helpful.

Despite all of this that’s happening, I’m no longer panicking. Partly because I’m so sick there’s absolutely nothing I can do except fetch tools and tell bedtime stories, but also because I know we’ve been through worse and lived to tell about it. I know God is in control and He has plans for good and not for evil, to give us a future and a hope. I know our help comes from God, not from anything else. He has this all in His hands.

So while we’re having a rough week, I want to take this time to encourage all of you. Whatever you’re going through, God is right there with you, holding you, carrying you, or walking beside you. He most certainly has not forgotten you, Brothers and Sisters.

2 girls, 2 broken arms
I prayed for their physical healing, but God saw it fit to heal their characters. Chelsea is becoming more independent and Theresa is becoming more resilient.

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