Salt Water Taffy (Christian Living)

Have you ever felt like you’ve just come out one end of a trial just to be walking through another one? Right now, I feel like that. I know God is with me. I feel Him with me. I just don’t understand what it is that He’s doing right now. I hope He’s carrying me. I don’t feel like I have a whole lot left to give right now. In fact, I feel like a piece of salt water taffy in the making.

Are you familiar with the way salt water taffy is made? It’s a lot like the Christian life! First, the sugar, corn syrup and flavorings are mixed together. (We’re so sweet as babies and small children, aren’t we?) Then this mixture is heated up in a large copper kettle either on an open fire or on a large stove. (Trials! Tribulations! Everyone can see what we’re going through! We are tested. Will we scorch from the heat, or come out sweeter?) From there, the mixture is cooled on a large marble slab. (We’re blessed, allowed to rest, to settle our bones a bit.) Next, the taffy is stretched and pulled, repeatedly. The more it is stretched, the more of it there is to pull and stretch. It keeps multiplying. With careful consideration by the candy maker, the taffy will not break. It will produce more and more. (Doesn’t this just sound like Jesus walking with us, Brothers and Sisters? We’re tested, we’re stretched to what seems like our limits, but the Creator knows what He is doing. We become the salt of the earth! We can rest in Him. We will multiply and bless many from what originally seemed like a small yield!) Finally, the taffy is mixed with other flavors to create beautiful and tasty combinations before being placed in a machine that expertly cuts the taffy into pieces and wraps them for sale. (We leave this earth one by one and arrive in Heaven! New life!)

I watched the following YouTube video on making salt water taffy and it really hit home for me. I can see the parallel between the Christian life and the making of taffy. We do not have to fear the trials, Brothers and Sisters. Our Creator is with us. He knows what He is doing. When we are stretched, it is His hands that are doing the pulling and coaxing. He knows there is something better for us than what we have, what we are doing, and who we are right now in this moment. Will you join me in trusting Him this day, no matter how scary it may seem, Brothers and Sisters? We will not be left to scorch or to fall apart. We are being molded and stretched by expert hands.

Dear Jesus. Love me to do good. Love me to do no harm. Love me to stay in love with you. I borrow these words – this prayer from my Pastor, but they are also from You, God. You are always with us. In the moments when we do not know what to say or what to do, You provide the words and the wisdom that we need. When we feel we are being stretched too far, You carefully guide us along the way. We are burdened and hurting and we place our fears and our situations in Your hands, Father. We believe. Help our unbelief. Forgive our unbelief. Bless us, we pray. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. 

6 thoughts on “Salt Water Taffy (Christian Living)

  1. What a great illustration of the way the Lord works in our lives. The result sure is wonderful, but the refining fires, along with the stretching and pulling, sure can make me wonder if it’s worth it sometimes. Thank you for sharing. Praying the Lord is with you on your journey! Blessings!


    1. Thank you, Cathy! I can’t take full credit for this. I was having a moment of wondering about this myself, and it just came to me. 🙂 God is so good and faithful, even when I’m not.


  2. Loved this analogy and reminder that God is well aware of how much He is stretching us and He is intentional and careful in His work even though sometimes it feel like we are going to break. This has described my last two weeks. Thank you.


    1. I’m sure you won’t, Teresa. Several times I’ve felt like I would scorch, but God is faithful and we can rest in that He’s promised to never leave us nor forsake us! 🙂


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