Eight Years Later

Yesterday was Anthony’s and my eight year wedding anniversary. It was a pretty quiet day until we attended a board meeting for the Little League in our area. We went to volunteer as board members and were voted in during the meeting! That was a really cool way to celebrate the anniversary of our marriage.

As we begin another year of marriage, I can’t help but reminisce over the last eight and count my blessings. I’m so glad my husband puts up with me. He’s a wonderful guy! So without further ado, here’s a very, very short list of things I’m grateful for in my marriage.

First Year

  • Spending our honeymoon in Bandon, Or. I’ll always treasure that first day as husband and wife, walking around the tiny little town, exploring the local fare.
  • Positive pregnancy test! Our little Theresa was on the way!

Second Year

  • Theresa was born not long into the second year of our marriage. I went into labor at the air port, picking Anthony up from deployment. It was a dramatic entry for our little “Tornado Tess” and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Anthony was so sweet, holding our precious little babe. He barely let go of her those first few months.
  • Positive pregnancy test a month and a half after he returned home from deployment! Our little Chelsea was on her way!

Third Year

  • Chelsea was born just 22 days into our third year as man and wife. True to form, Anthony was a perfect dad and husband at the birth. He never left our sides.
  • Living in base housing in Seattle and walking through Fort Lawton every night after dinner. (The base housing is no longer there. It’s been moved to Lake Stevens, WA and the land given back to the natives.)

Fourth Year

  • Travelling all over WA state on the weekends, exploring just because we were there and we could. Anthony is a wonderful navigator. I, on the other hand, get lost in the grocery store and require a map.
  • Anthony took both girls trick-or-treating, by himself. (This is huge because I absolutely despise Halloween and prefer to hide. He had no qualms about taking two kids under two trick or treating so I could have quiet time.)

Fifth Year

  • This was a tough year for me, but Anthony stuck by me the entire time and defended me when others spoke damaging lies about me. He even stuck up for me against his command’s wishes. Marriage first, mission second, which is not the Navy way, but it is Anthony’s way and I love him for it.
  • Going to the Seattle zoo almost every weekend. He always let me sit and watch the giraffes as long as I wanted. What a guy!

Sixth Year

  • This is the year we got out of the Navy. He denied his orders to stay in Everett and just got out when I asked him to. We had to work really hard to make post-Navy life work, but we did it together!
  • He went vegan with me to help me curb and correct some of the painful reproductive issues I’d been having.

Seventh Year

  • We moved back home to Oregon, at my request. He had a great job at Silgan Containers in Toppenish, WA for $60k/year and left it for a $38k/year job with the county jail back home. (Anthony has wanted to be a cop since he was 5 years old. I’m so blessed to see his dream come true!)
  • Having my husband HOME! This was the first year of our marriage that he was home every day and did not deploy. It was surreal. I kept waiting for the deployment to come, but of course it never did. (Thank God!)

Eighth Year

  • Struggling with our finances together and praying together. This brought us so close to each other, and to God. It’s stretched us further than we ever thought we could go, and made us so much stronger than we ever realized we were.
  • Watching our daughter’s first Tee-Ball together. I almost burst out in tears the first time she took the field. My mother’s heart was proud, and I was so glad for Anthony’s strong arms around me, praying for her success with me.

Hopes for Year Nine

  • We’re still trying for baby number three!
  • Coaching Tee-Ball next year and blooming as Little League board members

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