Theresa Up To Bat

Tee-Ball {Proud Mama}


Theresa Up To Bat
Theresa Up To Bat


Yesterday was Theresa’s first tee-ball game and I was a mess of proud, happy tears. Before the game, Anthony laid hands on Theresa’s head and prayed a Father’s blessing that she would shine for Jesus on the ball field and be a Light for all to see. She played her little heart out and had a wonderful time doing it. Theresa’s a bright, sweet child on her own; when she lives into God’s will for her life, she is even more beautiful than this Mama ever could have dreamed her to be. I’m constantly amazed by this wonderful child of mine. I had no idea that parenthood could ever be this rewarding, or that a child could be such an immense blessing. Each day, I’m blessed more and more by this beautiful child. Her first tee-ball game was no exception. It was the rule. This child is special and is called for big things in life by a big, big God. I’m so lucky to have been chosen to be her Mama.

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