Thankful For: Outlook

Recently I got into a pretty heated argument with someone close to me. We were discussing differences in opinion over something fairly significant, and this person asked me how I was able to continue doing something (a chore) that I absolutely hated doing. Many people close to me know that I am an avid couponer. I can sniff out a deal a mile away and then pair it with a coupon, coming home with a cart of groceries practically free! It would seem to those closest to me that I love what I do with coupons. Yes, while I love the savings, I absolutely hate the process of couponing. I do! But I do it anyway, with a good attitude about it because it benefits my family in ways I’d never expected it to. (Like recently purchasing $30 worth of grass fed, grain free organic cow’s milk for a mere $5 with coupons for a total of 84% off!)

The secret to doing things you hate is your outlook on life!

Some time ago, I heard a great story about an older man who was placed into an assisted living home by his estranged children. As the nurse showed him around his room, he kept interrupting her, saying “I love it!” The nurse, startled by his enthusiastic reaction asked him what he meant by that. He’d hardly seen the room, and it was, frankly, bare bones. It was not her idea of a lovely home. He responded emphatically “It’s a state of mind. I decided to love it before I even got here. It’s beautiful now that I see it and I absolutely love it!”

He’d already decided before he got there. I love that. He knew it was something he couldn’t change and so he chose to change himself in order to adapt and thrive. This is something I’ve had to do in more areas than simply couponing. I don’t particularly enjoy disciplining my kids at times, nor do I enjoy mopping floors, washing dishes, running errands, or paying bills, but what I have decided is that I love to do it! I love to do it because it benefits my family, it betters my own life, and on the way to completing these tasks, I honor the Lord and magnify His goodness with my attitude. When I save 84% on organic (gold) milk for my family and do so with a smile, I’m building healthy bodies, using my God-given resources wisely, and am witnessing to others through my actions. When I mop up the gooey mess I just accidentally dropped on the floor, I model responsible behavior for my kids and teach them that cleaning up after ourselves benefits the whole team. When I do this without complaint, I model working in everything as though I am working for the Lord and I would not honor the Lord by complaining while completing a task He has asked me to do. 

Your kids are watching you. What is your outlook on life?
Your kids are watching you. What is your outlook on life?

I am thankful that God has opened my eyes to the importance of a positive outlook in life, and that He has grown me into a woman who can complete the chores I like least.  I take no glory for myself, but offer it all up to Him on this day.

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