27 Days Until Christmas: Elf and Turkey

First of all, I’m sorry the following few posts are late. Our internet was out at our house, so there was little I could do to update the blog, other than continue doing the behind the scenes stuff, like celebrating the season and enjoying my family. I hope you enjoy what we did as much as we enjoyed it!


The day before Thanksgiving was pretty busy! Anthony was off work, but we made time to enjoy each other and to prepare for Thanksgiving. As a family, we cooked a majority of the foods together, played games and watched one of my favorite Christmas movies, Elf. It was Theresa and Chelsea’s first time watching this movie, and they thoroughly enjoyed it! In fact, they giggled and hooted loudly throughout the entire film.The next morning, they started quoting the movie.

Greatest movie ever made

Throne of Lies

While we didn’t make a craft, and the day was a busy one, the bottom line is that we still thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company and we celebrated the gift of each other’s company. It was a fun day to remember.

How about you? What fun holiday movie does your family enjoy? Have you seen Elf? What are some of your favorite quotes?

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