25 Days Until Christmas: Gift of Health

I couldn’t resist it! The sales were too great this weekend, and I had to go to my all-time favorite store for one stop shopping. I had to go to Fred Meyer! It wasn’t my fault. We were out of milk, oregano and eggs. I got a killer deal on the oregano and Organic Valley milk, but forgot the eggs. Oh well! The girls and I still had a blast! 

We found a bit more than we’d bargained for, which was perfectly fine with me since we’ve embarked on a mission to live a healthier lifestyle. We gave ourselves some Christmas presents early. We found beautiful oregano







German red garlic

German red garlic
German red garlic

and flowering kale plants to grow in our green house. The girls were especially excited about the beautiful kale because it’s not only a flower, but it’s edible, too! 

flowering kale
Flowering Kale

We enjoyed walking around the store and looking at all the fun holiday decorations on sale, but didn’t purchase anything because we’ve already decorated our home and are content with the way it looks. We’ll get a tree closer to Christmas because we’re in a rental home and don’t want the needles to make a mess in the carpet or cause damage to it. Basically, we’re a frugal bunch that can enjoy the fun without bringing home things we don’t need. I’m really proud of the girls for not asking for things they didn’t need and for seeing the value in plants they can eat! They’ve really enjoyed helping me grow tomatoes, pumpkins, and sunflowers this year and I know they’ll enjoy cultivating these new plants, especially since they’ll get to eat them!

What gifts are you giving to your family this year? Are you giving any distinct gifts of health? What kinds? And finally, do you grow any of your own food? Let me know in the comments!

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