Christmas 2013 Fun

How many of you remember making the red and green construction paper chains in grade school? Usually there was some sort of cute cotton bearded Santa on top, with the chain hanging down and you were to tear off a link a day in order to count down to Christmas morning. Well, this seasonal blog series is a bit like that, only better! With the help of the two cutest elves in the pacific northwest, we’ll be making a craft a day to commemorate the season and count down to Christmas morning. Anthony and I looked at each other recently and realized that we were just as jazzed up about the season as the girls are, so why not have even more fun with it than we already are? We just moved and our walls are a little bare still, so why not fill them with precious memories?

Author’s Note (January 6, 2014): I had intended to do this and follow through every day, but I became very ill, as did my children. I miscarried a baby, my entire family got sick with RSV, and then I got sick with Influenza A. December was a very, very rough month for us. I’m sorry for not updating sooner, but my family and my health were my priority. We praise God for our trials because they create opportunities for endurance, for testing, and for increased faith. We are all on the upside of mending and healing and look forward to a prosperous 2014!

Old fashioned Christmas chain
Old fashioned Christmas chain

Won’t you join us on this fun, magical adventure? Grab your kids, grandkids, cousins, neighbors, friends, students, heck even grandma and grandpa and join us for a sticky, ooey gooey, glitter filled adventure into Christmas time!Image

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