Halloween 2013

Remembering To Be Thankful


We’re in the middle of a move, and I’m overwhelmed by all of the changes surrounding me. There are so many things to be thankful for – so many blessings! I don’t want to forget any of them. Here are some of the most recent ones that have come to mind:

I am thankful for…

  • The way our new home smells. The first house plant taken in was sweet basil and the entire house smells like basil. I love it!
  • The physical strength of my husband. I am not physically feeling my best after losing yet another baby, so my husband is doing most of the heavy lifting for me.
  • That Jesus is near. I feel frantic and stressed out, but I don’t have to focus on that! Jesus is near and I can rest in Him.
  • My mom. She’s taken the girls several times this week so that I can get some housework and packing done.
  • Theresa, my 6 year old who still lets me hug and kiss her and hold her close.
  • The friends who care and want to hear about another pregnancy loss.
  • Psalm 23. It seems I am always gleaning something from this Heavenly Truth.
  • Quiet moments when I am able to cry and take my pain to Jesus.
  • Jesus understands this pain.
  • Transparent bloggers who share not only their own struggles, but the poignant Truths of healing, love and hope.
  • My dog, Rosie Grace and her love of bouncy balls
  • My 4 year old Chelsea who has a very interesting sense of style. Somehow she makes purple, green, orange and neon pink work!
  • That my husband took the girls trick-or-treating so that I could have some quiet time at home this year.

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