{Bedtime Story} The Story of Us

I wrote this for my facebook page “About” section, but also for my very young daughters, as a fun way to teach them how we came to be a family. I hope you enjoy it as much as my girls have.


Once upon a time a beautiful princess met a shy prince. She told him that he was cute and they should get married. The prince said yes and in true fairy tale form, they were married in a lovely church setting, dressed in their very best. All of the people in their land came to witness the beautiful union. Birds sang, deer mopped the floors, and chipmunks washed the dishes. It was delightful! What a sight to see! And then, in true Hollywood fairy tale form, fog set in, scary music played in the background, and hard times set in. Evil witches and warlocks tried to use their magic to break apart the prince and princess, but their love was stronger than any magic that ever was or ever could be, for they had magic of their own! A tiny baby formed in the princesses’ womb, giving her unimaginable strength and courage. As the hard times bit into the princesses pride and patience, this tiny baby grew and grew. When the princess finally gave birth to the little darling, the prince took one look at baby Tess and knew he’d never be the same, for HIS strength and patience and determination were multiplied as well, and as the couple became a family of three, their magic was multiplied and strengthened more. But the evil witches and warlocks were not yet done testing the beautiful family, for more hard times were to come. Not to worry though, for another baby formed in the womb of the beautiful princess and just as had happened before, as the baby grew in the womb, so did the princesses’ strength and patience, and finally, confidence. The princess began to use her magic for even more good than before and as the baby in the Princess’s womb grew, Baby Tess grew into a toddler. Baby Tess and her parents greatly anticipated the arrival of Baby Chelsea. It felt like forever before the blessed baby finally came, but one night, there she was! Carried in by a tall, magical stork with bright red curly hair and a lovely baby of her own at home, sleeping peacefully. Now the beautiful family of three was a family of four, and instead of wondering whether they were strong enough to weather the storm, they knew. Their magic was now stronger than any magic anywhere in the land, and they laughed heartily at the times to come ahead, for they knew that as long as they had each other, they had their magic, too. And yes, they’re currently living happily ever after in a sweet little house on the coast of Oregon and no magic, evil or otherwise has ever been stronger than the love this family shares with each other.

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