Scriptures that work for you – Confessions of Faith

Praying the Scriptures Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I just have to share this website. It has been an absolute blessing from God in my life as I struggle with healing, pain, trauma, raising two small children alone and missing my military man. My husband (said military man) has deployed 6 times in 6 years and home about 28 months of that time and no, not in a row. Yet I know God and more importantly, He knows and LOVES me! When I don’t know the words to say to Him, I visit this webpage and while I speak with Him, I am reminded of His deep and lasting love for me. This site is an amazing resource for praying the scriptures, singing hymns of praise, reaffirming your faith and even to guide you to share your faith. Look around. I am certain that everyone will find something to encourage and edify themselves or someone they know. In grace and peace I leave you…till next time. In Christ’s love, Amanda

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