It’s summer time. Summer is a time for healing and growth and getting dirty. It’s a time for taking off your shoes and smelling your stinky feet, then squishing them in the mud. It’s a time for running through the sprinkler at 8 pm with your kids, then laying in the grass to look up at the clouds. It’s a time for picking grass out of your hair and shaking sand out of your shoes. Summer is a time for magic, for fairy gardens planted in flower pots and for popsicle stains on khaki shorts. Summer is a time for letting go and just acting like a kid for at least twenty minutes a day, more if you can spare.

Summer is a time for acting like a gigantic goofball and laughing at yourself. God is in those moments. Enjoy them. He’s loving it, too.

In grace and peace I leave you…till next time!

In Christ’s love,


2 thoughts on “Summer

    1. Above comment was made by me. The computer thinks you are still here. I wish it was true. I miss all of you. Anyway it sounds like you are having some summer fun. Awesome!


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