11 April 2012

10 things/people I’m grateful for

My husband.

My husband and me
Anthony is my best friend, lover, partner in life. When I'm down, he carries me to Jesus on his knees.

Theresa, my firstborn daughter.

She's just an amazing kid - funny, smart, creative, curious and beautiful to name a few.

Chelsea, the baby of the family.

She's a great kid, too. Cute, funny, happy, artistic, and focused to name a few.

Holy Bible.

Holy Bible
Life DOES come with an instruction book. This is it.


My dad's cat just had four kittens last week. They are adorable!

Freshly mowed grass.

Freshly mown grass
It smells amazing

The cross.

There is no greater symbol of love, grace, mercy or forgiveness without looking directly into the face of God Himself.


Yes, the blue Muppet with a long, crooked nose. He is just so cute!


Sweet. Simple. Innocent.


Matthew 6:26

What are some things you’re grateful for? Please feel free to share in the comments. Let me know if you’ve got a gratitude journal/blog as well. I’d love to read it!

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