GFA Bridge of Hope

A Voice In the Dark – Come, Jesus Come!

Tall and proud
Arrogant and loud
Rejected and scorned
Lost and torn
Swollen and red
Beaten and bruised
Tossed and clouded
Shrill and rude
Calm and collected
Neat and clean
Jealous and boastful
Private and unseen
Sweet and moving
Bright and beautiful
Jolted and unclean
Children, angels
Pray to Thee
Oh God! Oh God!
You know our needs
Give aid, give voice
Bring health and safety
A net, a trumpet
A bugle, a choice
Anything but here
Nothing but now
Oh God, oh God
Hear me right now
Lift up our heads
Our voices let them hear
That we are the martyrs
Come praying
Come calling
On knees bloody and weak
From You alone, Lord,
Protection we seek
Sinner and saint,
Tortured and captor,
Lover and hater
We come one and all
Until it is that our earth should fall
Come now, Lord Jesus,
By our side shall You stay
Until this long night
Turns into eternal day.

If you think this is not happening around the world, it is. Every day people are being beaten, raped, imprisoned, and tortured simply because of their faith in our Lord and Creator. Men, women, children…all look the same to the devil and his followers.
Let us now fall to our knees, and lift these beautiful souls up to the Lord.

Voice of the Martyrs
In 53 countries, it is illegal to be a Christian. In many of those countries, you can expect daily terror just for owning a Bible - or a part of one. Please pray now for persecuted Christians.


GFA Bridge of Hope
over 80,000 die every day in Asian countries without knowing the love of Jesus Christ. They believe they were born to be abused, neglected simply because of their caste. 500,000 villages in India alone have never heard the Gospel. What can YOU do to help?

Now that you know, it’s time to act. Check out and to learn more about how you can help. Let us be Christ’s hands and feet.

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